BBLeap develops novel technologies not yet in existence today. By connecting with innovative partners we can truly achieve our dream of creating the LEAP in agriculture.

Our BlackBox philosophy is to be transparent for our partners and invisible to the customers of our partners. Transparency for our partners means sharing our knowledge and opening our technologies for seamless integration with the final products. Invisibility for the end-user means supporting our customers to bring their vision to the market.



BBLeap‘s philosophy is to cooperate with partners who underwrite our mission and who are inspired to make the Leap in agriculture. We believe that we can only achieve our dreams if we challenge our suppliers, customers, colleagues, and everyone who wants to join as partners. Straight-forward with the same goal.



We have rated each technology based on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to express clearly where we are with our development. A low level means that partners can have more influence on further developments and for potential suppliers, it is an opportunity to fill in a part of the development. (Our philosophy is that we don‘t want to develop something that already exists)