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BBLeap is a technology provider for systems to make farming possible on plant level. Nature is very rich in variation and by using this variation, a leap in agriculture practice is creatable. This way a better and more sustainable world with sufficient healthy and nutritious food will be created.

No plant is equal to what his needs are, they need what fits them best. We try to achieve that in agriculture by developing technology that is able to supply every plant on plant level. To make this impact and reach their mission, the use of a multi-level strategy which focuses on the ultimate goal to achieve all agriculture to be done on plant level. Fewer products will be needed to reach more yield, by thinking from the farmer’s perspective. That way BBLeap provide every species with the right amount of watering, fertilising and soil.



“Plant-level-farming” is feasible with BBLeap’s technologies and systems. These technologies are primarily developed for on agricultural sprayers. The company’s focus is on providing systems consisting of electronics, software and connectivity.

Most systems today are:

  • Imprecise – not able to work on plant level
  • Complex – difficult to use in practice
  • Not connected
  • Unclear – Lacking contextual data hampering practical implementation

BBLeap develops novel technologies not yet in existence today. By connecting with innovative partners we can truly achieve our dream of creating the LEAP in agriculture. Our BlackBox philosophy is to be transparent for our partners and invisible to the customers of our partners. Transparency for our partners means sharing our knowledge and opening our technologies for seamless integration with the final products. Invisibility for the end-user means supporting our customer to bring their vision to the market.



We want to be part of a leap in agriculture by utilizing a variety of nature with the help of new technologies to produce enough and healthy food for all people sustainably.

  • We believe we can help to create a better world.
  • We believe we can help farmers to make their lives more fun.
  • We believe we can grow more with less.
  • We believe that our new technologies can help to make the LEAP in farming.
  • We believe farming and nature can go together.
  • We believe that farming on plant level will feed the world in a sustainable way.
  • We believe that variety is a gift and there is a lot to gain by harnessing it.



To leap agriculture we have to use a variation on a plant level and act accordingly.

Variation is a given in nature, water, soil, climate, plant health, diseases, weeds and farming imperfection results in an enormous variation on plant-level. All these factors provide the potential to grow better crops with fewer inputs, less waste, higher quality, and greater yields.



We create technologies and systems that enable farmers to give each plant what it needs.

  • Technologies and systems needed to farm on plant level on a broad scale (labor is becoming more scarce every year)
  • Nozzle control technology to control spray quantity and quality on plant level.
  • Bridging different sources of data to prescription maps.
  • Improve existing spray systems to increase quality and/or reduce the footprint.
  • To power, the leap in agriculture innovations needs to be connected to existing ecosystems to make them work.
  • With BBLeap we make smart connections to make this work.

We believe that our new technologies can help to leap farming.

The mission of BBLeap is to create a better and sustainable world with enough, healthy and nutritious food.

Nature is originally very rich in variation. When we learn how to use these variations we can create a leap in agricultural practices.



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At BBLeap we are implementing a multi-level strategy focused on achieving our ultimate goal; that all agriculture will be done on plant-level. We will focus on several subgroups:

  • OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) who produce agricultural sprayers.
  • Aftermarket. Farmers who have sprayers and want to upgrade their equipment.

Besides the above customer groups, we will partner with the other players who influence the work of farmers. Universities, seed companies, chemical companies, advisory companies. By showing these people the technical capabilities to gather information on a plant level and have the technologies to do the application on plant level.