Pieter integrates BBLeap for a sustainable future


How LeapFarmer Pieter is using technology for a greener future

In the world of precision agriculture, Pieter van Damme is at the forefront of embracing advanced technology that is transforming arable farming.

Located in the Biesbosch polder, Pieter farms 10 plots of farmland with his father. Here they grow a diverse range of crops, including potatoes, onions, grain and capuchins.

The history of the area, which was reclaimed from the sea in 1920, has resulted in a varied soil composition, primarily consisting of clay-like soil with lots of variation. This requires a precise approach, using variable spraying techniques to achieve optimal results.

Each plant, the right dose – no more, no less.


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Farm Facts Pieter van Damme

BBLeap installed: 2021

Plots: 10

Sprayer: self-propelled field sprayer 

Brand: Hardi

Crops: potatoes, onions, grain and capuchins

Soil: clay

Location: Island of Dordrecht

Intelligent detection with variable execution – beeleap

In 2021, Pieter decided to integrate the BBLeap system on his Hardi sprayer.

Starting with drone flights and the use of task maps, Pieter quickly transitioned to real-time spraying with the new beeleap cameras.

Beeleap combines intelligent detection with variable execution, enabling crop protection to be applied on plant level. This results in spray applications that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of the crop and the characteristics of the field.

Potato row crop

“It’s about applying the right resources at the right time, in the right place.” – Pieter van Damme

As a practical farmer with a clear vision on sustainability, Pieter explains how he uses beeleap. For instance, he has implemented spot spraying for volunteer potatoes in seed onions. “You’re only spraying 10% of the area, which means the other 90% can continue to grow undisturbed.” On a field of onions that had just emerged from the ground, he applied variable soil herbicide.

This technology not only impacts efficiency and cost savings; it promotes soil health. By working on plant level, Pieter sprays only where needed, which benefits biodiversity and reduces the farm’s carbon footprint.

The big win? As far as he’s concerned, that is not in the cost savings from unused resources, but in stress-free growth. “That can yield extra tons, for example, or a product of better quality.”

Potato row crop
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I only spray where necessary

Since Pieter farms on the island of Dordrecht and has some 120,000 residents of the city as his back neighbors, another goal is to minimize the use of crop protection while still achieving optimal results.

Pieter is aware of his role and impact as a farmer in an urbanized area. He values the interaction with passersby and sees it as an opportunity to share the story of modern agriculture.

He does not shy away from critical questions; on the contrary, he invites the audience to engage in a dialogue. For him, transparency and openness are key to mutual understanding.


“The government has no idea how much is already possible.” – Pieter van Damme

My confidence has been confirmed – I am very satisfied

Pieter shares that despite his concerns about collaborating with a relatively young company, he had confidence in their approach.

“And that confidence has been confirmed so far; I’m very satisfied,” he adds. “Now I can confidently drive off or make sharp turns knowing that the dosage is correct and I always have the right pressure.”


Potato row crop

Pieter’s work with advanced technologies on his arable farm illustrates a trend in agriculture where farmers are not only food producers, but also innovators and stewards of the land!

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