plant level


BBLeap is a technology provider for systems to make farming possible on plant level. Nature is very rich in variation and by using this variation, a leap in agriculture practice is creatable. This way a better and more sustainable world with sufficient healthy and nutritious food will be created.

No plant is equal to what his needs are, they need what fits them best. We try to achieve that in agriculture by developing technology that is able to supply every plant on plant level. To make this impact and reach their mission, the use of a multi-level strategy which focuses on the ultimate goal to achieve all agriculture to be done on plant level. Fewer products will be needed to reach more yield, by thinking from the farmer’s perspective. That way BBLeap provide every species with the right amount of watering, fertilising and soil.


BBLeap develops novel technologies not yet in existence today. By connecting with innovative partners we can truly achieve our dream of creating the LEAP in agriculture.

Our BlackBox philosophy is to be transparent for our partners and invisible to the customers of our partners. Transparency for our partners means sharing our knowledge and opening our technologies for seamless integration with the final products. Invisibility for the end-user means supporting our customers to bring their vision to the market.