Creating the LEAP in agriculture

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We believe in Farming On Plant Level: The next LEAP in agriculture!

Spray technology with variable rate application to farm at plant level (real-time).

Your crop is influenced by soil conditions, weather, shadow, sunshine, the surrounding environment, and vegetation. Each plant is affected differently. What if you can anticipate each plant’s individual needs? What if you would have a tool that enables you to give each plant what it needs without compromises? You will grow stronger and more resilient plants using fewer resources. That benefits the plants, the farmer, and the consumer.

That’s why we develop Farming On Plant Level technology. Because there is no planet B. 

No compromises, no averages

The 3 basics to Farming On Plant Level with LeapBox.

Droplet size

Always the right droplet size


Always the exact volume


Always the perfect spray pattern

“Spray technology that simply works. Give each plant what it needs without a hassle. No averages, no compromises. Take the LEAP”

Peter Millenaar – Leap Vision

Pieter Evenhuis in full control

I don’t want to stress my crop. With soil that differs heavily every other meter, I need to be able to apply different application rates.

Tune into a podcast episode with Pieter van Damme

Find out how Pieter minimizes the use of resources while achieving optimal results!

LeapBox improves any kind of sprayer

Whether you grow fruits or crops, LeapBox can be installed onto any kind of sprayer.

Amazone trailed sprayer

Boom sprayers

Self-propelled, trailed, and mounted sprayers. LeapBox equips them all regardless of their age or brand.

Robotti field sprayer

Robot sprayers

Equip a robot sprayer for extremely precise work such as spraying volunteer potatoes.

Fruit sprayer KWH

Fruit sprayers

Farming on Fruit Level! Better control of your spray quality. Ask us for a customer case.

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Haaijer trailed sprayer

Haaijer, The Netherlands

"Spraying variable rates at plant level, that's technology that works"

LeapBox experience

Kwak, The Netherlands

"It's so comfortable to work with, I enjoy it"

Leapfarmer Pieter

van Leeuwen Boomkamp, The Netherlands

"It's easy to upload task-maps"