New technologies

Product development

Tools to take the LEAP in agriculture

BBLeap develops tools that enable farmers and growers to operate at a large scale but act on individual plant or fruit level. The core of all BBLeap technologies is LeapBox. LeapBox ensures perfect spray quality at all times and carries out the actual spraying. All other technologies are connected or plugged into LeapBox for specific application techniques. These technologies can be developed by BBLeap or partners.



We are open about the development stages of all our technologies. Transparency is important to us so farmers and partners know what to expect. When we are in starting phase of a technology it might not so interesting for a farmer or a grower, yet. To potentials partners, it is interesting to partner up with us if we are at the start of product development because there is lots of space left for involvement and co-creation.

Invitation to partner with us

BBLeap is open to working with innovative partners. With our BlackBox philosophy, we believe it is important to be transparent to our partners and customers. Transparency to our partners means sharing knowledge and opening our technologies for seamless integration. Our goal is to make the LEAP in agriculture possible for farmers. This includes the possibility for farmers and growers to make use of complementing technology. Therefore we are open to all collaborations to get the best technology available for our customers. Learn more about collaborations at LeapPlus.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

The use of TRLs is to be open and transparent to our customers and partners. The figure below explains are levels.

For Farmers & Growers

We have rated each technology based on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to express clearly where we are with our development. Whenever a technology reaches TRL 9 it is commercially available. On all other levels, we are still developing, testing, and or gathering experience, but you are welcome to join in.

For Partners

We have rated each technology based on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to express clearly where we are with our development. A low level means that partners can have more influence on further developments and for potential suppliers, it is an opportunity to fill in a part of the development. Our philosophy is that we don‘t want to develop something that already exists and meets quality standards.

TRL Overview

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LeapBox TRL9

LeapBox is the core to all technologies. The system is in use since spring 2020. It can be installed retro-fit to any sprayer brand and fruit sprayer. Some sprayer brand manufacturers offer LeapBox installed new sprayers at their factory (ask your dealer). There are many possibilities and functionalities that LeapBox has to offer. 

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