Connecting partner's external technologies

Access to ‘all’ new technologies on the market

LeapPlus is the system that connects other real-time applications on your sprayer with LeapBox. The technologies to connect with LeapBox can be developed by BBLeap or other companies. We believe the LEAP in agriculture is possible if we work together. Other companies might develop technology for specific applications based on dedicated algorithms that deliver great value. LeapBox is key to the execution of perfect spray quality and LeapPlus connects the technologies.

Examples are:

  • camera systems for weed detection
  • sensors to measure crop conditions
  • RGB cameras
  • temperature, moist

LeapPlus organizes the communication and data processing to any other application or real-time execution to control the nozzles.

Collaborate with us

BBLeap is open to collaborate with all parties on the market. LeapBox is the base to the execution of Farming On Plant Level. With our open attitude towards others in the market, we want LeapBox users to be able to plug in any new technological development available.

Real-time camera applications

Camera systems are the first LeapPlus integrations out in the field. Camera systems can be used for a variety of applications. Often algorithms are developed for specific applications. Some examples of algorithms that are developed: recognition of rumex in grass, thistles in sugar beets, broad-leaved weeds in cereals (green-on-green). The camera system can also work with a raster to identify bud weeds and spray them at low dosage.


The Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs)

LeapPlus TRL

BBLeap values open and transparent communication. This includes the stages of our technologies under development. To communicate our progress we use Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). TRLs are developed and introduced by NASA in order to be consistent and uniform about communicating technology maturity. LeapPlus is identified to be currently in TRL 8. TRL 8 is described as “Actual system validated in relevant environment”.

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