LeapJet is a unique injection system for agricultural sprayers. For real-time spraying based on the variation, you don’t know how much chemical or chemical mix you need. With the LeapJet we can inject from 12,5ml up to 12,5 liter per minute into the spraying system on-demand, making it possible to spray without mixing chemicals in the main holding tank. The flow range of the LeapJet enables spraying with 1 nozzle or 100 nozzles and/or from 10% to 100% application rate.


LeapJet is made possible by a specially developed, chemically resistant, precision dosing pump. This pump can be connected to the machine’s spraying controller via CAN bus – making it possible for the spraying computer to request the desired flow rate from the pump as the spraying conditions change. The pump’s design allows it to quickly converge on the new flow rate target, this allows for very dynamic spraying conditions without loss of precision with the LeapJet.

For the best spraying result, an agricultural sprayer should be equipped with a full circulation system. With a full circulation system you can spray directly without wasting water and during spraying there are no dead ends in the system where you could get sediment issues, blocked nozzles or contamination. An other major benefit of a good circulation system is that cleaning the spray lines or change to an other application can be done fast, safe and with minimum time and water usage.

LeapJet can perfectly be combined with a circulation systems, the injection is done just before the pump and the return from the circulation system is connected to the suction side of the pump to make a closed loop.

With injection before spray pump, he pump is used as a mixing chamber. The pump is also used as a buffer, especially useful when spraying very small quantities. For extreme small quantities the LeapJet pump can run intermittently, keeping the concentration in the pump circuit at the correct level. When the rate increases, e.g. by opening more nozzles or increasing speed, the pump will run continuously again.

Before the actual spraying application starts, LeapJet primes the circulation system. The liquid in the circulation system will be circulated and at the same time the crop protection agent(s) will be primed in 4 cycles to get the right concentration in the spray system.

The sprayer will be ready for use immediately, with the right concentration everywhere. Without the need to spray while standing and no risk of spraying without the right concentration.

A tank agitation valve is still available to circulate thru the tank if required.