Overcome technical challenges and making it work

LeapCrest tackles sprayer specific technical limitations

With LeapCrest we can optimize the sprayer performances by eliminating the limiting factors. This can consist of boom leveling and boom height, pressure regulator, circulation, and filtering system. For each sprayer different needs exist, based on these the LeapCrest is defined.

The technologies we develop are sprayer-specific. For certain sprayer models, we have developed a package to get your sprayer LeapBox ready. The packages are available and described within the product configurator. Whenever your sprayer reveals new challenge we will discuss and advise the solutions that are possible. If necessary we will develop a solution.

The Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs)

LeapCrest TRL

BBLeap values open and transparent communication. This includes the stages of our technologies under development. To communicate our progress we use Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). TRLs are developed and introduced by NASA in order to be consistent and uniform about communicating technology maturity. The LeapCrest is identified to be currently in TRL 8. TRL 8 is described as “Actual system validated in relevant environment”. 

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