At BBLeap, I put my theory into practice.

My internship experience

“Give full throttle, and don’t forget to enjoy. Transitioning from a student life to a 40-hour work week is suddenly intense but such an exciting journey if you can make impact.”

My name is Rinke Hiel and I did my 3-month internship at BBLeap on the R&D department. I study Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente and was ready to put my knowledge into practice.

At BBLeap I got the full package of gaining experience, learning, growing, and making impact.

Let me tell you why!



I want to make impact

I did not want to enter the “fetch me my latte – fetch me my copies”, kind of internship. I was on the look for the opportunity to learn and grow and started my internship at BBLeap. A relatively young company at the forefront of innovation in agriculture.

To be honest, working with a somewhat younger company is so refreshing. At BBLeap the people are passionate and driven entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. I truly had an amazing project group from who I learned a lot.

As a young company with a long history in precision spraying technology, BBLeap fascinated me with its many connections in the agribusiness. This ensured that tasks were handled efficiently and quickly, which made my job even more intriguing.

Whenever I asked for running field tests on my project, we’d make it happen by meeting customers or other connections. This showed that despite colleagues’ busy schedules, they did their best to make time for me.


At the end of the day, that feeling of making impact for a sustainable world was so rewarding!

Why an internship in sustainability?

To create a meaningful impact, choose a company that nurtures sustainable initiatives. At BBLeap, I got the chance to contribute to sustainable developments in agriculture. I translated theory into practice by designing modular sensor connections on boom sprayers. In essence, I ensured that sensors could adapt to any boom type, enabling precision spraying across the board.

It feels good to do good!


Being part of the team

BBLeap offered a nice blend of theory and fieldwork, looking back on my three months there with satisfaction. I felt like a part of the team, where my contributions were genuinely valued. Alongside engaging in R&D activities, my primary project involved writing my thesis. While sometimes challenging, it was a valuable learning experience.



Meet the team
real time camera spraying

Unforeseen learning moments

Not expected, learned it anyway. One of my coolest experiences was initiating the LeapEye (camera system) on the sprayer. This gave me insight into preparing parts, and what the good and bad aspects of the design were. I hadn’t thought about learning how to get into the company’s workflow, nor practical skills to render with tools like: Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, and more. In addition, I improved my soft skills such as connecting with customers.

In the end, I am amazed what 3 months of BBLeap has taught me.

Overall experience


  • Learned technical skills
  • Gained industry-specific knowledge
  • Worked with adobe tools
  • Developed my soft skills
  • Being part of a team
  • Gained confidence
  • Developed a professional attitude
  • Super satisfied

Company culture

Welcoming, friendly, and always room for discussion describes the company culture at BBLeap in a nutshell. The office has a professional but informal atmosphere where everyone accepts each other. Plans and choices are thought out together, leaving room for discussion.

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities because others do the same in you. Sometimes that’s scary, but I eventually learned to find that confidence in myself. On the other hand, there was the patience that allowed for a steep learning curve.



There is a strong sense of collegiality at BBLeap, where people are willing to lend a hand to each other, even if the task is not part of their responsibilities. This is driven by genuine curiosity and concern for each other.

I did not have any branche specific knowledge, so it was like entering a new world you didn’t know existed.

My tip for you: know who to ask with what expertise, that is what gets you far.




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