A system that makes good spraying quality finally possible.

The base to true spray quality and the start of

Farming On Plant Level.

Perfect performance & spray quality

“Whether you spray 75L/ha or 350L/ha, your system needs to compensate for acceleration and reverse boom movement. Think of situations where you are;

  • Cornering
  • Speeding up
  • Slowing down
  • Driving off when you start

Current sprayers do not adjust the flow accordingly. That’s why we’ve developed LeapBox. I’m convinced that having the basics right will make a significant difference already. Can you imagine the possibilities when you start Farming On Plant Level?”

Martijn van Alphen – Leap Creator

The 3 LeapBox certainties

Get the basics right prior to variable spraying.

Droplet size

Always the right droplet size


Always the exact volume


Always the perfect distribution

What is the LeapBox?

LeapBox is a one-of-a-kind PWM system due to its unique performance levels such as L/ha versus km/h. It consists of a few basic elements: the LeapCore, modules, valves, power- and data converters. Each module controls 4 valves.

LeapBox can be installed on all brands and types of sprayers and communicates preferably through CAN-bus. LeapBox is a modular system and the hardware is adjusted to the sprayer model, technical features, boom specs, and type.

Click on learn more for a dive into all the technical specifications of LeapBox.

User experience:

Pieter Evenhuis is a Dutch farmer and grows potatoes, sugarbeets, wheat, and onions.

“I want to grow a strong and uniform crop.”

“The first crop I apply Farming On Plant Level to are onions. It is a sensitive crop and if you spray them unnecessarily, you hold back their growth. I expect better growth by only spraying what and where it’s needed. We are using soil maps for the applications.”

Start Farming On Plant Level

Explore all the options LeapBox opens up. Apply precision farming, spot spraying and / or variable spraying.

Soil humus levels

Use field maps that indicate the levels of humus to adjust nutrition and minerals.

Spray on top row crops

Pre-set different a/b lines to spray against pests or funghes on the row crop only.

Use satellite data

Satellite data is freely available and is a good way to start.

Get ready for 2030

LeapBox is a modular system and can be extended with third-party technology. We are open to working with any supplier of high-performing techniques. Therefore LeapBox owners have access to the best technology available in the market. Examples are sensors and camera systems for:

  • Real-life scanning and spraying
  • Spot spraying / weed detection
  • Green on green recognition
  • Green on brown recognition
  • Biomass density

Start Growing On Fruit Level

LeapBox can be used in orchards and vineyards for better spray quality and for spraying various rates precisely.

Pear orchards


Use data input from tree profiles for more effective spraying and adjust variety.


Spray 1 or 3 rows..

..that is up to you. We will help you install LeapBox on just about any brand or type of sprayer.

Grow apples

Coming soon

New technology enables you to grow on fruit level. Stay tuned!

Configure your LeapBox

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