The LeapBox consists of valves, modules, controller and modem to control the nozzles on an agricultural sprayer. The LeapBox system is capable of spraying how you would imagine it in a perfect world, with no compromises in precision and variation.


The LeapBox is ten times faster and better than the competition worldwide. With a higher frequency and the shortest opening and closing time, provides the Leapbox the shortest spraying cycle ever. Due to its wide range of application rates the easy use gives you the right droplet spectrum and longitude distribution in no time.

For agricultural sprayers to give each plant what it needs, absolutely no compromise is acceptable in the spraying result. The rate needs to be accurate, but, more importantly, the correct spraying distribution is required for the entire speed range and all duty cycles.

The LeapBox regulates the application rate based on a fixed pressure, which means that the optimal droplet size is always maintained. Moreover, the rate is turn compensated and also prepared for compensation of movement of the boom relative to the machine.

The system is capable of working at 100Hz (each nozzle, not Blended PWM or bPWM). So the valve is extremely fast, which minimizes the opening and closing time, i.e. the time between the valve is completely open and completely closed. This allows the system to always maintain a large application rate range, even at high spraying speeds.

Open & Closed – Time

Zero-compromise spraying quality is maintained at low and high driving speeds. The very high switching speed of the valves makes this possible, providing stepless rate regulation at low driving speed for each nozzle from 2% to 98%. At higher driving speed (24km/h) the stepless rate regulation range only slightly decreases, providing 15% up to 85%. At 36km/h still 18 to 82% is available. Completely open (100%) and completely closed (0%) is always available. All rates with the correct spray distribution. 

Open & Closed – Spraying distribution

The LeapBox is the only system on the market providing you with a very large regulation range and absolutely no compromise in spraying distribution. Applying the same principles to other systems available in the market only  leads to one conclusion: not fit to be used in the field.

Working range

The system is designed for 200 spraying positions, which makes it suitable for a 50-meter  wide boom with 25cm nozzle spacing. Each spraying position can have more than one valve, e.g.  A/B line switching. The LeapBox is capable of changing the rate per nozzle within 10 cm at 36 km/h. Other PWM systems do this with a minimum of 100cm (10Hz system). The requested application rate can be the same over the whole boom, a variable rate for groups of nozzles, a variable rate per nozzle and a spot spray system.