Smooth integration & true collaboration


A Leap Edition takes our after-market solution a step further. It is a true collaboration between BBLeap and an OEM. We fully integrate LeapBox into your system.

Together we work on the Leap Edition and decide on which additional features to develop or implement.

After the development process, newly ordered Leap Edition sprayers will be fully produced at your plant.

Your customers will benefit from the best spray technology and perfectly smooth integration.

KWH orchard sprayer

Examples of additional features

Perfectly embedded into your sprayer. Explore some of the possibilities we have experience with:

  • Fully integrated control system
  • BBLeap control box
  • Automatic boomheight control
    • Variable geometry regulation
  • Control of
    • Lights
    • Airboom
    • Airspeed and direction
  • Full liquid control
    • Control of taps
    • Pressure regulation
    • Measuring tank level
    • Pump control
  • Fill & rinse program
  • (Un)folding the booms

Variable rate application on plant level

Each plant a different dose. Some examples of data input used by LeapBox customers.

drone data

Drone data

real time camera spraying

Real-time (camera)

Spot spraying

Spot spraying

volunteer potato

On/ in-between rows

task map

Application maps


Turn compensation

Discover the power of our spray technique

Welcome to LeapBox, the revolutionary (PWM) spray technique that sets the new standard: Farming On Plant Level.

Unlike any other system on the market, LeapBox offers unique performance levels. It can spray variable rates per nozzle at 25cm x 25cm (10in x 10in) resolution up to 25km/h (16mi).

Key components of the LeapBox include the LeapCore, modules, valves, IMU, power, and data converters.

Thanks to its modular design, LeapBox can be installed on all brands and types of sprayers (incl. robots and side dressers) and supports up to 250 spray positions.

It communicates through CAN-bus, ensuring seamless integration and reliable performance in any situation.

User experience:

Pieter Evenhuis is a Dutch farmer who grows potatoes, sugarbeets, wheat, and onions.

“I want to grow a strong and uniform crop.”

“Onions are a sensitive crop, so I find it really valuable to spray them at plant level. Unnecessarily spraying them holds them back in their growth. We are using soil maps for the applications. I expect better growth by only spraying what and where it’s needed.”

Leap Edition Partners

Partnering with BBLeap can be for a variety of product segments, from broadacre spraying to orchards and fertilizer injection.
Below you find an overview of the current Leap Edition collaborations.

drone data
Leap Edition

Best spray technique with advanced integration and sprayer control.

real time camera spraying
AP Dubex

AP Dubex Leap Edition – field sprayer.

Spot spraying

CHD Leap Edition – field sprayer.

drone data

Liquid fertilizer injection with LeapBox.

real time camera spraying
Hollands Noordkop

Evolutionair Leap Edition – self-propelled sprayer.

Spot spraying
KWH Holland

Magistralis Leap Edition – orchard sprayers.