I removed all my foliage while 40% of the area was not sprayed

Interview Youri Timmermans

Timmermans Agri Service


Youri Timmermans is an innovator in precision agriculture at “Timmermans Agri-Service”. The company is specialized in crop care for agriculture and horticulture, located in North Limburg, The Netherlands.

Timmermans Agri-Service is actively committed to environmentally conscious and socially responsible business practices. The company has successfully positioned itself at the forefront of precision agriculture.

They have equipped their self-propelled Agrifac machine with the integrated BBLeap system. Thanks to this innovation, Timmermans is now able to take care of crops on plant precision level, from cultivation to fertilization and beyond.

With a passion for crops, the company was founded in 1989 by brothers Harm and Gerton. It was when the brothers realized they were getting positive energy from unburdening their customers, that Timmermans Agri-Service began specializing in environmental and crop care.

Potatoes interview

Youri Timmermans, 2023

Potatoes interview

Brothers and founders Gerton and Harm Timmermans, 1989

Potatoes interview

How Timmermans transforms agriculture

Removing foliage in potatoes

Timmermans highlights the transforming impact by integrating the BBLeap system to their operations. The technology has the ability to execute variable task maps. This produces remarkable results when it comes to optimization and environmental sustainability.

Timmermans is enthusiastic about the successful use of BBLeap on foliage removal in potatoes. 40% of his potato field was not sprayed because there was no foliage left. Where foliage was present, it was treated variably.

Through a 40% reduction, this approach results in the promotion of environmentally friendly practices, which is essential in today’s agricultural sector.

Want to find out how Timmermans achieved these positive results?

potato blossom

Case: variable removal of foliage 

Foliage removal – variable spraying based on biomass

  • Plot size: 20 hectares of potatoes
  • Spray purpose: To remove foliage in potatoes
  • Input: Biomass data collected via camera sensors on 39 m wide of 2 m x 2 m
  • Execution: high-resolution 25 cm x 25 cm task maps

In this field

  • 8 ha of potatoes remained untouched and 12 ha of potatoes were sprayed variably


  • Complete foliage removal while 40% of the plot was not sprayed

“BBLeap exceeds expectations with their products, impressive service and accessibility. You guys should be proud of that!” – Youri Timmermans

Scanning biomass foliage in potatoes

Task map 25 cm x 25 cm

Variable spray application in potatoes


Timmermans did not need to spray 40% of the plot, since there was no foliage. That contributes significantly to sustainability. The best approach is to just use what you need. Therefore, applying the right amount at the right place is the solution. It is ideal that that is now possible with this technique. With BBLeap, he reduces environmental impact and leaching of application residues into surface water, extending his impact beyond just the agricultural sector.


  • 40% less spray application
  • Lower cost of agents
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Implementation of sustainable cultivation practices
  • Focused on the specific needs of each plant
Potato row crop

“Things are changing in agriculture, precision is becoming the new norm and BBLeap is the solution to that.” – Youri Timmermans


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