Growing On Fruit Level




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Growing On Fruit Level

What if you could treat each tree differently?

Adjust automatically to its needs and even make a distinction between the bottom, middle, and top of the tree. Each nozzle a different rate.

No longer overspray the younger and shorter trees. Adjust spray output to the blossom’s density per tree and within the length of a tree.

This is just the start of the possibilities of what perfect spray control can do for your orchard.

We all want to grow the perfect fruit size and volume per tree. We believe we can help you with that by supplying you with the right tools.

With the BBLeap modular system, you’ll use fewer chemicals, with greater spray control, for maximum sustainability and profitability.

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Upgrade your sprayer, and boost your orchard!

The BBLEAP system (LeapBox) is modular and can be built onto any kind of noew or used sprayer. There are H.S.S. and KWH Holland sprayers out in the orchard equipped with BBLeap.

The system can be extended with third-party technology. Therefore LeapBox owners have access to the best technology available in the market. Examples are sensors and camera systems for:

  • Real-life scanning and spraying
  • Variable rate per tree
  • Variable rate per tree top, middle, and bottom
  • Automatically close nozzles with shorter trees
Blossom apple

What BBLeap has to offer

  • Better spray quality in the basis
  • Set a tree profile
  • No more clogged nozzles
  • Differentiate between trees and non trees
  • Spraying based on task maps

Better spray quality in the basis

With BBLeap, at its core, the spray quality is significantly improved and is more convenient to use. This is due to the fact that the pressure is consistently maintained when accelerating, decelerating, or making turns, resulting in a proper distribution at all times. By setting the desired droplet size, the BBLeap system maintains this size regardless of your speed. You no longer need to worry about your speed being linked to your pressure. Regardless of whether you are driving at 2 km/h, 5 km/h, or 8 km/h, the application remains as desired.


Set a tree profile

Achieve precise spraying results by using the pre-set tree profile feature. This allows you to customize the distribution of your application rate across the tree according to your preferences. For instance, you can allocate the top for 0% spraying, the middle for 100%, and the bottom for 20%. By doing so, you can reduce the use of chemicals and prevent the stagnation of your fruit growth.

No more clogged nozzles!

Say goodbye to clogged nozzles with BBLeap. Our system allows the use of larger nozzles while still achieving fine droplet sizes, preventing frequent clogging. By setting the desired droplet size, the system ensures the right pressure, resulting in proper and consistent distribution of resources.

Differentiate between trees and non-trees

Through the use of a camera system, it is now possible to differentiate between trees and non-trees. This feature allows for precision targeting of the trees, minimizing the loss of chemicals in the air and ground, which reduces drift. By accurately targeting the tree, the system ensures that only the intended trees are treated, leaving everything else untouched.

Spraying based on task maps

Using LeapSpace, you can obtain high-resolution 25cm x 25cm task maps. Task maps enable variable spraying on trees using input images captured by drones, satellite imagery, or other means. Through the use of GPS technology, the system determines where to apply precise amounts of resources and is then able to adjust per nozzle. This could be to thin out blossoms, distinguish between short and tall trees, or on fruit density or leaf mass. This results in a more efficient use of resources and better fruit quality.

Configure BBLEAP to your sprayer

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Configurator BBLEAP


The drive off, the #1 step in each spray pass, is a bottleneck that leads to inconsistent pressure and dosing of trees, resulting in a lack of user-friendliness and unequal treatment.

Conventional systems, spray a pre-entered desired average per hectare. That means that every tree, and every part of the tree receive exactly the same dose.

An average is far too much for the majority of the trees in your orchard. This is an unnecessary use of resources and a stunt in the growth of your vital fruits…

What if you could differentiate between trees and non-trees, or between the bottom, middle, and top of the trees?

Farming on Fruit Level is possible. So why unnecessarily overdose vital fruits and stall their growth when the technology exists to grow at a precision level?


The modular BBLeap system offers precise and user-friendly spraying solutions, adaptable to any type of sprayer. At its core, the BBLeap system ensures a higher spray quality.

You don’t have to worry about accelerating, decelerating, or cornering. The system instantly adjusts to your driving speed. Your speed is no longer linked to your pressure.

Regardless of whether you are driving at 2 km/h, 5 km/h, or 8 km/h, the application rate remains as desired. Enjoy your ride!

The application does not have to be an average dose but can be accurate and precise.

Through the use of task maps, real-time (camera) systems, or tree profiles, growers can identify each tree and its blossoms, and differentiate between the bottom, middle, and top of the trees or non trees.

We enable the precise and targeted application of resources, resulting in healthier trees and optimal yields.

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User experience:

André Kwak is a Dutch contractor for spraying in apple and pear orchards.

“I spray exactly where I want it.”

“If everything is set right, I can reduce the liquid I need with 20 – 25% due to a better deposition. That is without the use of task maps. As soon as I can use my camera system the use of liquids will be reduced drastically.”