I learned more than I could have ever imagined

My internship experience at BBLeap

“Don’t be intimidated by the terms ‘agriculture’ and ‘technology’ even if you don’t have a background in this, I didn’t either. I took the opportunity and ended up learning more than I could have ever imagined.”

I am Julia Brok, a 22-year-old International Business student at Saxion Enschede, and I did my five-month internship at BBLeap on the marketing department.

After my job interview, I was inspired by the company’s sustainable practices. Since I didn’t have an agricultural background, I was afraid it might not be a match. Nothing was less true…

Are you looking for an internship place? Let me tell you why BBLeap is the right choice.

What triggered me to do an internship at BBLeap

I still remember the story that triggered me during my first job interview:

Every week you and I eat lettuce, fresh from the land. Until now, every head of lettuce was treated the same way, regardless of size or growth. This meant that all lettuce heads were sprayed with the same amount of pesticides. Although I was aware that my food was being sprayed, I did not find this very reassuring.

Then my future internship supervisor told me something that made me think: ‘If grandma is sick, you only give grandma antibiotics, not the whole village – If a head of lettuce is not growing well, you treat only that head, not the whole field.’

That sounds logical, right?

But it works differently in the traditional agricultural sector. There, everything is sprayed, hoping for a better harvest. But that’s not logic, I thought. Giving a child antibiotics is unhealthy, and spraying healthy lettuce rather acts as a brake on growth.

That was when I decided to join in spreading the story of precision spraying. You see, BBLeap takes a sustainable approach to keeping both plants and people healthy – through technology that sprays only there, where needed.

Photo: conducting an interview at Fruit Farm van Rijn

I was given the opportunity to develop new skills

I started my internship at BBLeap as a marketer, being involved in a wide range of marketing activities. From writing blogs, conducting interviews, creating website pages, creating communication plans, coming up with campaigns, to managing social media channels.

At BBLeap, I really got the chance to develop new skills in many different areas.


A day @ my internship #1

See the picture above? That was the same day; when I toured through the polder to Fruit Farm van Rijn to interview a client with an editor. This video gives a good idea of what an internship day might look like. And as you can see, besides user cases and gathering information for new content, there is also time to wander through the apple and pear trees, pet dogs and taste fresh fruit.

Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door BBLEAP (@_bbleap_)

A day @ my internship #2

Here I find myself more in the south of the country at contracting- and fruitfarm A. Kwak, where I got to interview a customer about his user experience together with a journalist. Here, a photographer was also hired to shoot some great content. Are you curious about the result I worked on? Then take a look at this page.


Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door BBLEAP (@_bbleap_)

A good internship goes hand in hand with good guidance

Could this also be something for you? At BBLeap, there are numerous options, allowing you to decide where you want to focus – in consultation of course. These were aspects that I personally found very interesting and fun. What I also found incredibly valuable was the freedom and creativity I was given.

Without the great guidance, however, I would have never been able to complete this internship so well. The two amazing people on the right are part of the marketing team and taught me so much. I was really part of the team, my opinion mattered – and that felt so good!

“I was really part of the team, my opinion mattered, and that felt so good!” – Julia Brok

Meet the team
Meet the team
Meet the team

From city girl, into the countryside!

Don’t be intimidated by the terms ‘agriculture’ and ‘technology’, even if you have no experience with it – I didn’t have either.

Coming from the city, I had probably never been on a farm, let alone anything to do with technology. Still, I decided to take on the challenge, drawn by the story of BBLeap, which is committed to creating a healthier world for both nature and people.

In the end, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.

Overall experience

  • Learning to work with WordPress website builder
  • Gaining industry-specific knowledge
  • Managing social media channels
  • Interviewing customers
  • Developing user cases
  • Creating and sending out newsletters
  • Thinking along about marketing campaigns
  • Being part of the team
  • Developing a professional attitude
I am super satisfied with the experience I have gained and will even stay with BBLeap as a Junior Marketer.

Interested in an internship, traineeship or other opportunities? Don’t hesitate and email info@bbleap.com to tell us something about your background so we can get you in touch with the right person.

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