Growing On Fruit Level



Perfect pear

Growing On Fruit Level

What if you could treat each tree differently? Adjust automatically to its needs and even make a distinction between the bottom, middle, and top of the tree. Each nozzle a different rate. No longer overspray the younger and shorter trees. Adjust spray output to the blossoms density per tree and within the length of a tree. Just a start of possibilities of what perfect spray control can do for your orchard. We all want to grow the perfect fruit size and volume per tree. We believe we can help you with that by supplying you with the right tools.



The 3 LeapBox certainties

Get the basics right prior to variable spraying.

Droplet size

Always the right droplet size


Always the exact volume


Always the perfect deposition

What is the LeapBox?

LeapBox is a one-of-a-kind PWM system due to its unique performance levels such as L/ha versus km/h. It consists of a few basic elements: the LeapCore, modules, valves, power- and data converters. Each module controls 4 valves.

LeapBox can be installed on all brands and types of sprayers and communicates preferably through CAN-bus. LeapBox is a modular system and the hardware is adjusted to the sprayer model, technical features, boom specs, and type.

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Get ready for 2030

LeapBox is a modular system and can be extended with third-party technology. We are open to working with any supplier of high-performing techniques. Therefore LeapBox owners have access to the best technology available in the market. Examples are sensors and camera systems for:

  • Real-life scanning and spraying
  • Blossom detection
  • Variable rate per tree
  • Variable rate per tree top, middle and bottom
  • Automatically close nozzles with shorter trees
Blossom apple

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